Automate your financials. Unlock the value of your data.

Reliable access to your sales and discounts across ship and debit programs

We believe in power of accurate, real-time data. Celerity covers the entire end-to-end special pricing agreement process from initial terms, calculation of accruals and payments, to performance management and analysis. Everything integrates into your existing ERP/ IT applications for master data, transactional data and financial management.

Accurate processing in real time

The Celerity calculation engine is continually running. As soon as it ingests data, you have the results. With calculations in real time, you can see performance and liability at any point, allowing for dynamic decision making. Faster data translates into faster settlement of your finances and quicker access to capital. 

Your data is protected

The Celerity application is hosted in a multi-tenancy cloud environment, with multiple client databases to ensure sensitive data is separated and protected and safeguarded against threats and vulnerabilities. Logging and security rules provide audit trails and audit reports on demand. 

Leave the engineering to us

Celerity manages data delivery from your source systems to our secure cloud, ensuring your critical data is always safe, accurate, and up to date. Take the burden off your internal teams as Celerity is able to provide fully managed, automated connectors for databases, applications, events, files and functions. 

Ready to modernize your ship and debit and SPA process?