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Rapid Revenue Changes Everything
Get faster returns on AR with our ship and debit software to bridge the rebate & claim reconciliation gap

Turn your Accounts Receivable into Revenue

Celerity is the only SaaS financial platform created to manage special pricing, ship and debit, and rebate agreements between suppliers and distributors.

Now you have a single lens into your strategic business-to-business transactions as we connect systems, people, and processes into a collaborative platform. 

Get real-time data on deals, utilization targets, and your profitability opportunities. Make decisions using actionable data that can improve your operational processes and cost containment parameters. 

Connect your systems securely via EDI, API or .CSV import

Manage your ship and debit, SPA agreements, and accruals from one place

Advanced price, utilization, and financial metrics to improve your profitability














One platform. Complete visibility.

Connect to any trading partner, application, cloud, or platform — full visibility across your business.
  • React to changing supply or margin fluctuations
  • Break through business silos and consolidate financial reporting
  • Gain clear insight across your systems and customers with rich context into transactions
Celerity screens

Suppliers, distributors, and
representatives come together

All parties can unlock value with centralized data integration covering products, branches, purchases and sales transactions. Better communication from a single source.

  • Agreement rules: Create baseline or custom transaction rules on SKU's, locations, categories or any other variable.
  • Access your data anywhere: Be productive across town or across the globe with Celerity's SaaS platform.
  • End-to-end communications: All members of the supply chain and financial reconciliation process can work together with accurate data.

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Celerity will record and track transactions across your ship and debit, SPA, and rebate programs. 
Monitor every detail with a comprehensive set of reporting features.

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Integrate with any ERP

Celerity connects securely via API, EDI, FTP, or manual data import. Sync information on the platform with key partners to find opportunities and mutually maximize value.

Real-time. Real money.

Gain immediate transparency into your sales and discounts agreements. Enjoy financial integrity and operational efficiency supported by Celerity's customer success team.

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