Manufacturing Reps

More time with your clients, less time herding cats

Take the lead in managing customer success with a tool you need to validate, report and negotiate

Local markets or national accounts

Focus on strategic initiatives by taking action directly from localized data in Celerity.

Better customer engagement

Accuracy and consistency build trust. Manage customers with data they can participate in.

Make more, lose less

Take control of special pricing terms in real-time. Ensure transactions are reported, and accurately take account of amounts for the past, present, and the future.

Shine with analytics

A complete set of data across your customer base to finally understand market penetration, margins, and more.

Automated deal alerts

Set up alerts for contract expirations, deal KPI's, margins, or utilization. We can keep an eye on the guardrails so you don't have to.

Client Exploration

Your clients have a lot of moving parts that you can view and discover from a single dashboard.


Set workflow and communication rules directly from Celerity to streamline your business.

Your lens into client success and maximizing value

Full view of deal details ensuring your value proposition, and creating more opportunity for clients.