Wave goodbye to spreadsheets and the havoc they cause

Say hello to a platform that gives you accuracy where you need it

Faster time to revenue

Quicker agreement uploads and automated reconciliation mean faster settlements.

Ensure accurate claims

Complete transparency across local, regional and national transaction data, automatically rolled up.

Time value of money

Money has time-value, so do financial teams. Maximize efforts on productivity not data entry.

Crush redundancy

Automated uploads can be auto-reconciled. No need for work-arounds, multiple spreadsheets, and files.

Targeted insights

Create unique financial reports that tell the complete story across local, state and national levels.


Break down barriers and process silos. Everyone, from internal staff to suppliers, buyers and auditors, can see exactly what has happened and what needs to happen next.

What rhymes with audit?

There’s no workflow more important than yours. We have created a platform to monitor, log, and report all activity by user or role.

More accuracy, quicker processes while reducing risk

We take the manual processing out of equation, and speed up the special pricing agreement reconciliation process by 90%.