Manage your financial agreements on a single platform

Automate finances. Gain ground on revenue.

Celerity delivers a comprehensive reconciliation solution, making exceptions instantly visible and reduces manual intervention. We save you thousands of clicks, hundreds of manual hours automating claims to your special pricing agreements.

Boost operations

Up to 90% time saving and 85% fewer clicks by automating agreement uploads.

Single version of truth

All parties access the same data to ensure seamless, centralized communication.

Grow your profits

Transform settlement lags into cash flow at the speed of now!

Automated Reconciliation

Celerity gives you accurate financial performance so you can invest more time and capital in your business. Connect to ERP systems or import financial data through an array of disparate data sets to give your team a single source for ship and debit settlements.  

Streamline finances across your supply chain

Quickly and easily automate your accounting rules, saving you time and manual effort. Move from laboring over spreadsheets, to enabling your team and your customers to leverage time, accuracy, and operational benefits. With the speed of now, you can see rebate accruals in real-time, drive data-enabled decision making, and clearly communicate business performance. 

Accelerate Revenue

Celerity creates swiftness of motion through automated reconciliation features. Focus more on business and operational opportunities, and less on the convoluted special pricing, claims, and sales gymnastics.

What can a 2-day cash flow cycle do for your business? Automate your pricing agreements and settlements with Celerity and start realizing those gains.

Optimization may be an understatement

Find out how to transform your accounting