The industry’s most powerful reporting system

Reporting made easy

Get results in real time, providing business intelligence needed to power decisions. Unlock the value of your negotiated agreements through performance indicators that never sleep.

Actionable collaboration

Providing a single performance view that can be shared and centrally managed.

Self-service analytics

Empower independence and freedom from IT by allowing users to create individual reports that matter to them.

Deep insight

Role specific reporting down to an individual SKU. Enrich your KPI's with details that move the financial needle.

Your reports. Your way.

Celerity IQ makes reporting as easy as a search.  Insights come to you before you even have to ask. You can now gain insights to programs that are working, and have the data needed to better manage your business.

Margin targets and alerts

Maximize margin strategies and configure alerts and dashboards that keep you updated to what’s happening in the field, and in the bank.

Manage by exception with automated alerts that signal need for action. Set up your team with live analysis of trending activities and strategies to make proactive financial decisions.

Performance tracking

Celerity offers a daily dashboard of deal performance which ensures your finger is on the pulse of your business. 

Build a modern business driven by data

Celerity connects the dots between trading partners through our proprietary data integration. With data sources connected, you can access accurate, up-to-date product, sales, and discount information - all while maintaining security and control.

You can then report on your own categories while your business stakeholders report on the same dataset using their custom view. One source of truth, multiple views, and everyone is on the same page.

The entire picture, in one view

Find out how to bring your data to life