We exist to create thoughtful, easy to use technology to boost financial performance 

Built to transform industries

Everything we do improves our customer's revenue model and operational efficiency so profoundly that they would not consider doing business any other way.

Our mission is to create a culture of innovation, fun, and generosity, where we strive to build the best products in our industry, achieve financial success, and give back to the community through philanthropy.

What we do

We create software-as-a-service that is simple to use, boosts revenue, and automates reconciliation, and reporting between multiple parties.

Our ship and debit software seamlessly integrates between trading partners to bridge the financial transaction gap. You now have a real-time reconciliation platform to speed up your business and increase the speed of cash flow. Celerity provides a clear view of the financial past, present and future. 

Great people create great products

With a unique start-up culture with its roots in Kansas City, we continue to build a team that is local when it can be, and remote as it needs to be.

To be a part Celerity we look for team members that have an owner’s approach to their work, and are proactive on making our team, product, and clients better. We want people to bring their diverse experience, their passion, and their curiosity, so we can build fantastic software and a dependable corporate foundation to support it.

Changing business to the speed of now

Our software creates swift movement from initiation through reconciliation. Celerity maximizes cash flow, operational excellence and resource management across ship and debit needs, and special pricing agreements.